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Mistakes That You’re Making When Housecleaning

Cleaning can be very tiresome, especially when the time for spring or New Year’s cleaning comes around. The reason to this, however, can very well be because you often tend to delay cleaning chores until the cleaning seasons, and avoid it usually. Regular cleaning makes sure that you won’t end up with a lot of cleaning to do at once, and saves precious time and money. Another reason why cleaning is tiresome is simply because you are not cleaning correctly. There are many mistakes we tend to commit while cleaning, such as:

• Use the right products and tools – there is a reason why there are different products for different purposes: you don’t see residential window cleaning services use polishers to clean windows, do you? Every product has a set purpose, and it should not be used for anything else other than that express purposes. Despite popular beliefs, polishers will not accumulate and remove bacteria, or window cleaning detergents will not make your wooden surfaces look polished!

• Use the right amount of products – another common mistake homeowners tend to make is believe that using more of a detergent or cleaning product equals to a better result in the end. This is completely wrong – using an amount greater than recommended of a product can only give you bad results: for example, using more cleaning detergents for your laundry can leave you with stiff clothes that smell too much like detergent and feel soap-y and powder-y to the touch.

• Let the dirt soak up – another basic point is that you have to let the dirt soak up in your rags before you wipe the cleaning products or water off. This applies easily to dishes: you have to let them sit in water or soap solutions for a few minutes in order to get the most troublesome deposits off them; however, letting all dishes sit in water for some time is recommended, as scrubbing remains off becomes much more easier. If you are looking for commercial window cleaners just go to my site.

• Use clean rags and cloths – using dirty rags is not going to give you cleaner windows, mirrors or other surfaces. It will only cause the surfaces to gain ugly dirt marks which will become quite visible when the solutions or water dries up. Always wash the cleaning rags and cloths regularly (or just throw them into washing machine regularly), and make it a habit to throw them away when they get too battered for further away. Commercial window cleaning experts recommend using old towels and clothes as cleaning rags: not only are they more effective on surfaces as the lint is nearly all gone, but it is also economical.

• Be patient when it’s necessary – just as there are instructions for the appropriate amounts of detergents to be used, the instruction leaflets (or the body of the detergent bottle) might sometimes also mention a waiting period for better efficacy. Do not try to rush up this process: a time period is mentioned for a reason. As we have mentioned to allow dirt to be soaked up in water or the solution above, certain detergents have enzymes and other substances that require time to act on stains. Make sure to wait before moving onto the next step at all times.

• Be systematical – lastly, be systematical about cleaning. The normal way to clean is usually to tackle the least desirable places first – and this is fine, of course, as long as there is a proper method in doing it. Always move from the top to the bottom, or you will risk cleaning the same spot countless times. It is also a good idea to start cleaning from the innermost sides of the room and gradually make your way to the outside, so that you won’t leave dust and dirt inside the room at the end.